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Office Design

• Conceptual Design and Space Planning
• (2D/3D) Visualization (Layout Plan/Perspective Drawings)
• Concept-Color-Materials selection (Mood Board/Concept Board)
• Furniture Detailing
• Standard and fully http://www.theessayclub.com customization of furnitures
• Design & Fabricate Corporate Signage

M&E Work

• Full coverage of M & E services which Included submission to the Authorities /  Managements for approval
• Fire protection work
• Air conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) System
• Water service/Sanitary Plumbing Work
• Licensed Electrical worker(LEW) – Testing and Commissioning of Electrical works
• Professional Engineer (PE) – Endorsement of plans and submissions


• WAN, LAN, VPN, etc.
• Internet Set-up
• Telecommunication Services
• Servers from HP and IBM PC
• Printers & Emailing System
• Conference System (Video & Voice)(i.e. Server Room Equipment)
• Server Room /Data Center
• IP Telephone (CISCO, AVAYA)

Office Furniture

Office furniture is an important element of office environment. It is needed to conduct office work efficiently and comfortably. Every office needs furniture as a basic facility. Most office work is desk work performed indoors.
Office furniture is needed for sitting, working and storing purposes.

Our Office furniture consists of:
• Chairs, sofas, couches for sitting
• Table, desks, trays for working
• Shelves, racks, cabinets, cupboards, lockers for storing

A & A (Additional and Alternation of interior office work)

More often than not, clients find it a hassle to renovate the internal office area due to loss of space use and interruptions of daily operation. We understand the http://writemyessayrapid.com/ importance of having the maximum space use within a office and therefore, are committed to provide a solution that minimise loss of space use and interruptions to daily operation of a office by means of careful study of the existing layout and functions of the spaces.

Builders Works

Building interiors, structures of works.

Activities covered are the:
• Interior Construction
• Alternations of Interior works
• Extension of office space
• Restoration
• Repair/Services
• Demolitions
• Dismantling